Toronto Waterfront 5km 2012

The founder of The Feline Fund, Jack Henry is once again particpating in the Toronto Waterfront 5km. Please click the link above to learn more and to find out how to pledge Jack in support of Toronto Cat Rescue.

The Feline Fund was founded in 2006 when Jack Henry's cat Bandit of 19 years of age passed away. Jack wanted to help in some way and started looking for cat rescues. Jack soon realized that though there are many rescues they are not well advertised. The Feline Fund was created to help get the rescue groups and their cause out there.
Cat rescues are very common; there are often more than 5 in a city. The problem is no one knows about them because because feral cats and cat rescues in general are never big headlines in the news. All that is talked about is humanitarian issues which is why groups like Free the Children are so well known.

It's not that no one cares about the rescue groups cause, it's just there is not enough knowledge about their cause, and that's what The Feline Fund's trying to do, bring this cause into the light.

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